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3 Big Web Design Trends for 2022

3 Big Web Design Trends for 2022

2022 promises to be a stand-out year for web design. Current events will certainly come into play, and we all know that the pandemic has greatly affected the way users interact with websites. Mobile devices have also continued to become more powerful, and the privacy and safety of users’ information have come to the forefront of many people’s, and web designers’, minds. Check out these trends that are sure to affect website development in Minneapolis and beyond.

Web Designer’s 3 Big Trends for 2022 Website Development in Minneapolis

1. Sharing Instead of Telling

Inspiring people with the message of your company or product means drawing them in with interactive experiences and visuals that will surprise and engage them. This year, you’re sure to see more background videos and animations that will engage the user’s mind while adding gentle motion to your page.

Making these videos and animations subtle is the key to their effectiveness, as you want your pages to have life and energy without overwhelming your visitor. These micro-interactions can be triggered by hovering the cursor over a particular location, or when the user scrolls to a particular part of the page. This will help to gain the attention of your visitor while serving to share your message in a simple, digestible way.

2. Simplicity

If your business is looking to grow, it’s time to simplify your website. Using calming colors, vivid imagery, fewer words, and clear calls to action will help create lighter experiences that will encourage the user to delve deeper into your site. Rather than putting every bit of information upfront on one page, there will be simplified messaging that causes the user to want to know more. Complex conversations and busy imagery leave many visitors feeling overloaded with information.

3. Safety-Focused

Everyone is re-learning how to engage with the world after the last couple of years and people are undeniably overwhelmed. Design trends are evolving and are really focusing on helping people feel safe while preparing to reengage. Coaxing people back into the world includes giving them space, helping to reduce anxiety, and making them feel comfortable and protected.

Focusing on safety includes not just the intricate details of the information they share with you, but on their emotional safety as well. Using natural, organic shapes and imagery inspired by the outdoors and their home decor will subtly give them a feeling of home while also encouraging them to venture into new spaces. This really is about aesthetics and feelings, as people want to be away from home, but also to be reminded of its comforts.

With increased technical capabilities, websites have developed a lot of complexity over the last few years. Designers and developers must respond to cultural experiences and concerns in order to keep up with the competition. Contact Eclipse Digital today for a strategic analysis of your project. Whether you are building a website from scratch or just want to keep your current one updated, we are your one-stop shop for design and development.